The first option we offer our clients is where Maid in Heaven acts as the administrator for our clients. We take over all administrative and legal aspects of employing a domestic worker/nanny/tea lady/office cleaner.  We do all the reference follow ups for our clients. We are open and transparent and supply our clients with the reference details.

Maid in Heaven will place a worker with you according to your requirements. If you are not satisfied with the worker we replace her immediately. Should a worker abscond or resign we will also replace her immediately.

For this option we have a small monthly service fee. Why you ask? We calculate salaries, leave and UIF. We replace when needed. We will always have a temp available when your worker is not at work. We want to ensure a client is never left without a worker for a day. Maid in Heaven acts as representative should any CCMA matters arise and we handle all disciplinary issues. Maid in Heaven covers all severance packages from the service fees that are paid so that our clients do not have to take that financial strain